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Inveda is now happy to announce that it has an official stamp of approval from PETA bearing testimony, that we never did and will never test on animals.

It is very proudly declaring that PETA or people for ethicaltreatment of animals has substantiate that neither Inveda nor its ingredient suppliers commission or conduct any tests on animals for formulations or finished products. We are now officially authorized to use PETA bunny logo on all our products labels.

Product safety is just one step that might be done by the manufacturer to ensure the safety of cosmetic or beauty product.

What does cruelty-free?

If a brand or company does not conduct any test on animals during its product creation, then it is called cruelty- free. It is still quite uncertain to determine which products are true to their claim and are actually cruelty-free unless you are aware of what you are looking for.

What is vegan skincare?

It is important to be noted that cruelty-free doesn’t give certification that products don’t contain animal product. Cosmetics and skincare range that don’tuse animal-produced ingredients like beeswax, gelatin, honey, or lanolin are labelled as vegan products.

Inveda products range is cruelty-free as well as Vegan. All of our products are stamped with the PETA logo.That means, we don’t test our ingredients or finished products on animals. We believe that every creature has a right to live free from any pain and suffering.

All of us should contribute by not buying animal tested products and can help prevent animal suffering and deaths.

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