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Handling oily skin is the problematic task of everyday regime. Oily skin requires extra attention. Sometimes, the use of wrong ingredients can worsen the situation, will only bring on the grease. You can hide the troubled skin with make-up but temporarily. Re-applying mattifying powder every hour is such a pain. Oily skin is the perfect surface for propagating acne.No one wants to deal with the situation ever. Repeatedly washing face is not the solution. Infact, drying out the skin, motivate sebaceous glands to make more oil.

You should aim for the balance. To handle your overactive sebaceous glands, you need to pay special attention and follow simple skincare routine and some holistic remedies.

Skincare routine to control oily skin.

Even if you have oily skin, limit your face washing to twice a day. Extra washing can strip away natural oils. You need some oily for healthy skin.

Cleansing- you can try cleansing oil to control excess oil. it cleanses the dirt and deep seated dirt. It is a proven remedy to control extra oil.

Face wash- then comes the washing of face. It removes the cleansing oil and extra dirt. Try to use little warm water for washing. If possible, use salicylic acid and peroxide ingredient face washes. They’re quite drying but best for spot treatment.

Face mask- pamper your skin by applying face mask at least 2 to 3 times a day. Better to use an oil absorbing ingredient face mask to handle excess sebum.

Moisturizer- try to use oily free Ayurvedic Moisturizer on your skin. oily skin has all the right to stay hydrated. Otherwise ,dryness will make your glands harder.

Natural remedies

Clay- clay is known for its tremendous benefits to the skin. Mix clay powder with honey or papaya to make it a perfect mask. This is the instant oil absorbing mask. Apply it and keep it for about 15 minutes then wash off with water. follow the ritual about twice a month.

Green tea- it is a good choice for your skin anti-oxidants present in it helps to control inflammation, bacteria, and extra oil. you can use green tea in the form of toner.

Honey- honey is best known to control sebum, acne, and acne causing bacteria. It works on all type of skin, doesn’t matter you have oily skin, dry skin or normal skin. You can use honey based face packs or can apply directly to the skin then wash off with Luke warm water and pat dry.

Some natural oil is mandatory for healthy skin. balancing the skin’s moisture is the challenge. Follow simple skincare routine and enjoy the beautiful glowing skin. Be you! Be Beautiful!

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