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Scratching your skin can be really embarrassing as well as irritating. Itchy skin represents lack of nutrients and essential oils in our skin. Itching is an annoying feeling that forces a person to keep on scratching the skin. It damages the skin deeply. There are many factors that affect the skin and make it annoyingly itchy. Such factors are changing weather conditions, low humidity, skin problems, excessive use of air conditioner, dry skin, damaged skin, internal body problems, etc.

Here we will be discussing remedies that can be easily carried out at home to attain relief from itchy skin.

1. Coconut Oil- This is a natural remedy and you do not need to give a lot of time and money to carry out this remedy. You just need coconut oil and camphor balls (in case you want to use it) and nothing much. It has great moisturising and hydrating qualities that nourish the skin deeply. It can heal the dry and damaged skin and give a soft feel. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties which make it an appropriate remedy for itching caused by bacterial and fungal infections.

How to use- Take some coconut oil in a bowl. Put 1-2 camphor pieces in it. Apply this oil on dry and damaged skin daily in the morning and at night. Carry on doing it for some days and you will notice the change.

2. Aloe vera- Aloe vera is a very popular herb which is widely used in skin care products. Its gel like formula has moisturising effect on the skin. It is good for all types of skin and for getting relief from all types of skin disorders. It hydrates the skin and protects it from various impurities and infections.

How to use- Applying aloe vera is quite simple. Just buy aloe vera gel from the market or you can take the natural gel out of the leaves yourself. Apply this gel on the affected area. Let it stay for few minutes and then rinse with water. Also apply a lotion or moisturiser after washing the skin. Repeat for better results.

3. Essential oils- There are many essential oils available in the market these days. Using these oils regularly at home can also heal our skin and help us from getting rid of the itchy skin. Some of the essential oils which are best for the skin are- Rosemary oil, geranium oil, lavender oil, neem oil.

How to use- Mix few drops of the essential oil with a carrier or base oil. Apply this mixture on the affected area. Do this regularly at night and notice the good change in your skin.

Hope the remedies given above will make your skin free from itching and keep it healthy. Keep Smiling. Keep Glowing!

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