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We generally do not care a lot about our hand and feet. The face is all we care about. It can be tolerated all the year round but proper care of hand and feet is highly mandatory during monsoons. It is so because bacteria and fungus can easily multiply themselves in humid conditions which can lead to many skin issues causing itching, redness, smell and many other infections. To avoid all these infections, proper hand and feet care is required.

I will be telling you today ways to keep your hand and feet in proper condition during monsoons. Follow these tips and take good care of your hand and feet-

1. Avoid being wet- Try not to get wet frequently. If it is out of your control, make sure your wear footwear that can protect your feet from the dirty water. Try not to wear sandals, heels or bellies. Instead, go for floaters, flip flops or plastic or rubber sandals.  Wash your hands and feet properly after being drenched. Dry hands and feet after washing and apply a moisturiser with antibacterial properties of neem or tea tree oil to avoid bacterial and fungal infections.

2. Pare your nails- Keep your hand and feet nails short during monsoons. This will avoid the accumulation of fungus or bacteria on the nails which in turn will further avoid infections. Paint your nails beautifully to enhance the look of your hands and feet.

3. Use antiseptic hand wash- Use antiseptic hand wash to get rid of unnecessary germs and infections. Ordinary hand washes can clean your hands and feet but antiseptic ones will protect against germs during monsoon.

4. Scrub- Scrub your feet at regular intervals to clean your feet. Soak your feet in the warm soapy water and then scrub them with a pumice stone or scrubber.

5. Foot mask- Apply foot mask once a week during the rainy season. Make it as per your skin type. Multanimitti mask is generally good for oily skin. Add some olive oil or any ayurvedic oil of your choice to multani-mitti. Add turmeric powder or neem powder to the mixture. Mix all the ingredients with warm water and apply on dry clean feet.

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