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    Whitening and Brightening cryo mask is enriched with seaweed, cucumber, and chamomile which whitens and brightens the skin, also calms and relaxes the skin. This pack is suitable for all type of skin. You can use this pack to cleanse face and neck area. you need to empty 20 gms of cryo mask in a 200 ml bowl. Add approx 200 ml of water at 20 degree cent....

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    D Tan face pack is enriched with purifying tulsi and clove. This is ready to use face pack which rejuvenates the cells. The natural ayurvedic extracts helps to remove tan and provides a healthy and radiant glow. It gives you brighter look by removing tan and dullness. The main concern is tan and dull skin. Evenly apply a thin coat on moist skin. When semi...

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    Glow face pack is enriched with the goodness of Apricot and orange extracts. This ready to use face pack gives a beautiful and radiant glow instantly. The hydrating qualities in this pack leaves skin moist and taut. It detoxifies deeply and exfoliates the skin. Apply this pack gently and evenly on moist skin and when it is semi dry rinse off with little...

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