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Avocado Oil

4 Review(s)
₹300.00 ₹500.00

Avocado oil is the best essential oil packed with lots of regenerative and moisturizing...


Grapeseed Oil

4 Review(s)
₹280.00 ₹350.00

Grapeseed oil is packed with linoleic acid which helps to boost the health of skin cells. It...


Jojoba Oil

4 Review(s)
₹560.00 ₹700.00

It can be used as a carrier oil as well as base oil, loaded with antifungal and...


Sweet Almond Oil

4 Review(s)
₹240.00 ₹300.00

Almond is very good for overall health. Almond oil is carrier as well as base oil which is...

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Inveda Aloe Vera Body Wash...

4 Review(s)

Enriched with Aloe Vera and honey and is known for their hydrating and nourishing properties....


Aloevera Body Lotion | 10X...

0 Review(s)

Skincare does not only mean to care for your face. It is taking care of your whole body. In...