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  • Lipstick-The lip love of ladies!

    Lipstick-The lip love of ladies!


    Lipstick is one of the favourite beauty products of girls & ladies. It adds a tint of charisma and elegance on the face of a person. Even when one doesn’t have much time to apply makeup, simply using a lipstick can help a lot in looking striking hot. But many of us find it really tricky and end up applying lipstick in a weird way. So here are some points that can really help you in applying lipstick. Just follow these tips and I am sure you will manage to look like a hot diva. 1....

  • Get Lips that are soft to touch and lovely to see

    Get Lips that are soft to touch and lovely to see


    Lips are very delicate and beautiful part of the body. From smiling to eating food everything involves your lips. Special care is needed for the lips due to the extra soft and sensitive skin. Not many products other than lip balms are available in the market for better lip care. Thus it is not very easy to take care of the lips. Preparing and using natural home mixtures for the lips is the best way to protect them and so we bring to you a list of natural solutions that can keep your lips...

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