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  • 3 Best face washes to deep clean the skin

    3 Best face washes to deep clean the skin


    A face wash is considered the best skin care product for cleaning the skin. Usually, it is used as per the type of skin, but there are some face washes which are highly popular for being suitable for all types of skin. 

  • Time and Tide Wait For None!

    Time and Tide Wait For None!


    Time and tide wait for none' is a proverb used for telling that everything needs to be done on time or else one becomes late to cope up with the time. This is an apt proverb for the people who don’t take their skin care routine seriously. If you cannot understand the worth of timely skin care routine you might never have enough time to take care of your skin. With the passage of time, the complexion and texture of the skin need special treatment. Skin becomes dull and shows premature signs of...

  • Rosewater and its benefits!

    Rosewater and its benefits!


    Rosewater is the combination of the beauty of roses and goodness of water. Rosewater is produced by the distillation of roses. It has lovely effects on almost all types of skin. Its versatility makes it a common component in household and beauty products. The natural glow and pink effect on the skin provided by rose water are really appreciable. There are many other benefits of using rose water for skin, hair and our body. I am sure you would like to find them out. 1. Tones Skin- Rose water...

  • Eye Makeup at its best

    Eye Makeup at its best


    Our eyes complete our look and enhance our persona. Vision work is not the only function performed by our eyes. Eyes make us look beautiful and give us an attractive appearance. The way we set the makeup of our eyes, influences our personality. Eye makeup should be chosen carefully as per the occasion and the outfit to be worn. So we shall discuss here the makeup process for the eyes. Following steps should be followed in order to let your eyes be the centre of attraction. 1. Perfectly shaped...

  • Milky effects of milk on the skin

    Milky effects of milk on the skin


    Milk has all the important nutrients that are needed by our skin and body. Calcium, vitamin A, B and D, minerals, lactic acid, zinc, magnesium, riboflavin, and phosphorus are the nutrients present in milk. These nutrients provide proper nourishment to the body and keep various parts of the body healthy. Here I will be discussing the startling benefits of milk- 1- Amazing Cleanser- Milk has amazing cleansing properties. It cleans the skin deeply when used in its raw state. It is a Natural...

  • Home remedies to get rid of itchy skin

    Home remedies to get rid of itchy skin


    Scratching your skin can be really embarrassing as well as irritating. Itchy skin represents lack of nutrients and essential oils in our skin. Itching is an annoying feeling that forces a person to keep on scratching the skin. It damages the skin deeply. There are many factors that affect the skin and make it annoyingly itchy. Such factors are changing weather conditions, low humidity, skin problems, excessive use of air conditioner, dry skin, damaged skin, internal body problems, etc. Here...

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