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  • Natural ways to get rid of Moles

    Natural ways to get rid of Moles


    Moles are beautiful when they are rightly placed but become unsightly when they present at unwanted places. The unwanted position of the mole is just enough to make you feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

  • Happy to get Cruelty-free certificate BY PETA

    Happy to get Cruelty-free certificate BY PETA


    Inveda is now happy to announce that it has an official stamp of approval from PETA bearing testimony, that we never did and will never test on animals.

  • Beauty Benefits Of Ghee

    Beauty Benefits Of Ghee


    You will be surprised to know the Beauty Benefits of ghee. Ghee is considered as one of the healthiest forms of food which not only pamper your body but also provide you with lots of other benefits. This delicious substance has been the part of our culture and tradition since long. It makes your skin incredibly beautiful and soft. Here are some of the tips with which you can pamper your skin.

  • Know The Causes, Symptoms And Treatment For Itchy Forehead

    Know The Causes, Symptoms And Treatment For Itchy Forehead


    Skin conditions such as eczema, acne, dandruff, dermatitis, etc. can be the reason for the itchy forehead. Other causes can be sunburn and stress which can trigger the itching. It is not a serious health condition but should not be avoided. You may notice burning sensation, small blisters, dry skin, or reddish ring. Allergic reactions may also contribute in the problem of itchy head. Let’s talk about some of the common causes and treatment.

  • 4 Ways To Use Cilantro For Your Skincare

    4 Ways To Use Cilantro For Your Skincare


    Cilantro is the second name of coriander. A few sprinkles of cilantro leaves are just enough to live up the taste and flavour of the dish. But you will be surprised to know that the uses of this herb are not limited to garnishing and flavouring. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of cilantro make it perfect for skincare regime. It is also high in vitamin C and antioxidants which fights free radicals. It also helps in preventing oil produced by the skin. It is at the same time...

  • Natural remedies for PCOS

    Natural remedies for PCOS


    These days having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is not considered as normal, 1 out of 10 women of childbearing age suffering from this problem. PCOS is, when your male hormonal production is more than normal. This process is done by Adrenal glands and Ovaries. As a result, PCOS can affect your overall health Such as acne, hirsutism, weight gain, excessive hair growth on the face, stomach, thighs, and chest. It can even make an adverse effect on fertility as well. PCOS is found as fluid...

  • 5 Wonderful Benefits Of Using Safflower Oil For Your Skin

    5 Wonderful Benefits Of Using Safflower Oil For Your Skin


    Linoleic rich safflower oil is beneficial for skin in many ways. It is a healthy cooking oil as well. A dose of safflower oil is just enough to sort out all your skin related issues such as acne, enhances wound healing, lightens skin tan, fights wrinkles and dry skin. Safflower oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant. This thistle like annual plant can do wonders for your skin. Let’s read on to find out the benefits of this oil.

  • Natural Ways To Prevent Hair Thinning

    Natural Ways To Prevent Hair Thinning


    These days hair fall is one of the most common problems. People from all the ages have the desire for thicker and fuller hair. An average loss of hair is about 50 to 100 strands each day which is absolutely normal till the hair regrowth process is normal, hair thinning is not a major problem but for many people hair loss is a problem, which they face every day. There are a lot of factors including hormonal disbalance and genes contribute to the thinning of hair. Certain precautions and...

  • Let’s Understand The Dry Skin

    Let’s Understand The Dry Skin


    Dry skin is prone to sensitivity and is a type of skin which has low sebum. The skin unable to hold moisture and looks shriveled. Skin feels stretched or tight especially in winter. There can also be some cracking and chapping of the skin. It is also distressing when your skin feels itchy and irritated. This type of skin sometimes accompanied by redness along with scaling or peeling.

  • Get To Know About Stubborn Blemishes

    Get To Know About Stubborn Blemishes


    Blemishes are the dark spots and change in the colour of skin. They are often compared with acne scars. Any discoloration or dark spot is probably the reason of blemishes. Blemishes come under acne scars, dermatosis, pigmentation (hyper or hypo), melisma, vascular proliferation and other facial scars. Let’s try to know the causes of these stubborn marks on your face.

  • Arrowroot- Benefits For Health, Skin And Hair

    Arrowroot- Benefits For Health, Skin And Hair


    Arrowroot is also known as ‘Ararot’ in Hindi. It is a native plant to south America and the scientific name of it is MarantaArundinaceae. Arrowroot plant grows to a height of 3 to 5 feet and has large flat leaves. Arrowroot starch extracted from the roots of the plant which is fine, odourless, and clear white. It is very similar to cornstarch but is more absorbent and fine, hence making it more suitable forfood industries. It has no gluten and is best substitute for flour. This wonderful...

  • Baking Soda A Skin Saviour

    Baking Soda A Skin Saviour


    You will be surprised to know that sodium bicarbonate a scientific name of baking soda is actually a skin saviour and can help you in many ways. Baking soda is the solution to your many skin problems. This extra ordinary ingredient is always available in your kitchen cupboard. Being alkaline in nature, it balances the PH levels of your skin and enhances your skin with a radiant glow. It is the best known for its exfoliating properties to reveal fresh and beautiful skin. Here are some of the...

  • Treat Toenail Fungus Naturally

    Treat Toenail Fungus Naturally


    Onychomycosisalso called as toenail fungus. It indicates swelling, pain, inflammation, and crumbling of the nail itself. This is one of the fungal infections. It is the most common infections. The root cause is underlying fungal growth, mainly candida species.

  • Get Rid Of Those Annoying Whiteheads

    Get Rid Of Those Annoying Whiteheads


    Whiteheads generally appear on the T point and under the lip area. It is because of clogged pores with packed sebum and bacteria. People with oily skin have such kind of whiteheads. As oily skin has overactive sebum production and they are most afflicted with whiteheads. So rather than sitting and getting troubled, try to find out the solution that how you can get a smooth nose. Hope with this guide you will be able to know that what to do or not to, to remove them

  • Get Beautiful Skin With Ice Cube

    Get Beautiful Skin With Ice Cube


    Ice cube is the most understated product. It works as a lifesaver in this terribly hot weather. Ice cube in our regular drinks seems to quench our thirst of a lifetime. But do you know that it has wonderful properties that do magic to the skin of yours? It is easy to make, pocket-friendly and extremely flexible. Using ice cube on your skin has commendable benefits. Let’s find out some of the benefits of ice cubes for face.

  • Stay away from foot odor naturally

    Stay away from foot odor naturally


    Follow these simple and easy tricks at home to stay away from the stinky smell of feet. You can also try natural pedicure products available in the market. 

  • 3 Best face washes to deep clean the skin

    3 Best face washes to deep clean the skin


    A face wash is considered the best skin care product for cleaning the skin. Usually, it is used as per the type of skin, but there are some face washes which are highly popular for being suitable for all types of skin. 

  • Time and Tide Wait For None!

    Time and Tide Wait For None!


    Time and tide wait for none' is a proverb used for telling that everything needs to be done on time or else one becomes late to cope up with the time. This is an apt proverb for the people who don’t take their skin care routine seriously. If you cannot understand the worth of timely skin care routine you might never have enough time to take care of your skin. With the passage of time, the complexion and texture of the skin need special treatment. Skin becomes dull and shows premature signs of...

  • Rosewater and its benefits!

    Rosewater and its benefits!


    Rosewater is the combination of the beauty of roses and goodness of water. Rosewater is produced by the distillation of roses. It has lovely effects on almost all types of skin. Its versatility makes it a common component in household and beauty products. The natural glow and pink effect on the skin provided by rose water are really appreciable. There are many other benefits of using rose water for skin, hair and our body. I am sure you would like to find them out. 1. Tones Skin- Rose water...

  • Eye Makeup at its best

    Eye Makeup at its best


    Our eyes complete our look and enhance our persona. Vision work is not the only function performed by our eyes. Eyes make us look beautiful and give us an attractive appearance. The way we set the makeup of our eyes, influences our personality. Eye makeup should be chosen carefully as per the occasion and the outfit to be worn. So we shall discuss here the makeup process for the eyes. Following steps should be followed in order to let your eyes be the centre of attraction. 1. Perfectly shaped...

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