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Posted in: Face & Body Care
July 21st 2017

It is time to welcome the rainy season with lots of excitement and is also the time to take special care of your skin. Rain showers can do a lot more than just pouring rains. Let us explore the products which have a miraculous impact on the skin and do away with the bad effects of rain on the skin.

1-    CLEANSER- Rains not only bring soothing effect to the soul but also bring germs and infections to the skin. These germs can add pimples and inflammations to your skin. In order to get rid of such infections, one must use face cleansers with great medicinal herbs like neem. One such cleaner is Neem and Gotukola face wash by Inveda which is best for the skin during the rainy season.

2-    SCRUB- Rainy season can make the skin oily and so it is best to scrub and remove the oil and dirt from the face. Special care should be taken of the fact that scrubs used should be 100 percent natural. The experts suggest Inveda’sAvocado scrub to derive the best benefits. The magical combination of avocado fruit, oatmeal, neroli and other herbs help in the exfoliating skin and removing dead skin to give a beautiful look especially in rainy season.

3-    MOISTURISER- Moisturising of skin is next after cleansing and scrubbing. The real troubles are the oil based moisturisers which can contribute towards making the skin even oilier during rains. Papaya and hibiscus moisturiser from the store of Inveda is the best choice during these days. Papaya and hibiscus extracts keep the skin hydrated without increasing the oil content in the skin. Thus making the skin look fresh and radiant. 

4-    SUN SCREEN-It is a myth that skin does not require sunscreen during monsoon. It is totally wrong! Just because you cannot see sunlight and the sun that doesn’t mean that the sun is not present in the sky. Sun continues to damage the skin even in rainy season which can be prevented only by using a good quality sunscreen. Sun screen cream gel SPF 50 with comfrey and zasta from the store of Inveda can do wonders to your skin. Don’t forget to get one!

5-    BODY WASH- Another product which necessarily needs to be possessed during rainy seasons is body wash. You don’t need to hunt among various body washes available in the market because Inveda brings to you a mild cleansing body wash which is apt for rainy seasons. The Aloe Vera body wash cleanses skin smoothly and keeps your skin hydrated and nourished.

So these are the essential products to be used this rainy season. Keep yourself beautiful with Inveda – The Essential Ayurveda!

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