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Rare and unique Nail care tips for you!

Rare and unique Nail care tips for you!

Posted in: Face & Body Care
August 12th 2017

The nail is the outer covering of fingers and thumbs. These are made of a protein substance called keratin. Nails are the most ignored part of the body. Most of us are unaware of the daily regimen to be followed for healthy and beautiful nails. Let us discuss some tips to take care of nails-

1-    Dry and clean nails- Nails should be properly dried and cleaned in order to protect them from fungus, bacteria and other microbes. Make sure you clean your nails every time you come home from somewhere out. Also, always use clean nail cutter and nail filer as this can also make your nails dirty.

2-    Moisturise- Nail cuticles need nourishment like any other body part. So apply lotion on nails and cuticles. You can also apply coconut oil or olive oil. A tint of moisturiser at night can also keep your nails soft and healthy. Many cuticle creams are also available in the market for the same. Butter creams are also good for nail cuticles.

3-    Nail polish remover- Nail polish remover should not be very harsh or it can cause harmful effects on your nails. Choose nail polish removers which do not contain chemicals like formaldehyde, acetone or toluene. Protect your nails from such substances.

4-    Be careful with your nails- One must be very careful with nails. If the nail is chipped, it can get trapped into anything be it a cloth, or inside your handbag etc. It is better to trim your nails timely so that you don’t have to face any chipping problems. Those who have nail biting problems should try to avoid such habits. Wear gloves while doing any household chores like dusting, cleaning, washing dishes, etc.

5-    Avoid fake nails- Fake nails are very popular these days. Such nails are a good option for women who desire long and beautiful nails. But these should be avoided at all costs to stay away from fungus. The fungus can easily settle down in the layer between the real nails and the artificial one. I am sure nobody wants fungus colonisation on their fingers.

6-    Good quality nail tools- Investing money in good quality nail tools will help you keep your nails healthy forever. File your nails whenever you pare them. File your nails only in one direction. Invest in good quality nail polish that lasts long. Organic nail paints are also available these days which are very good for the nails. Try them for healthy and beautiful nails.

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