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Posted in: Face & Body Care
August 10th 2017

There were times when pimples were a teenager problem but now the scenario has been changed. Pimples are a real trouble in almost everyone’s life these days. Pollution, hectic lifestyle, fast food, hormonal imbalances and loads of makeup has been contributing towards pimple problems. It’s an annoying mess for both men and women these days.

It is high time you look for solutions to your problem. Let me tell you some common mistakes we all make which mess up the pimple trouble. These mistakes can be taken care of and can give you clear skin. Here is a list of dos and donts that one must follow to get the clean and clear skin.


1.    Eat a healthy and balanced diet- Food makes us healthy inside which is reflected on the outer side. The oily food makes our skin more oily which ultimately leads to breakouts. Try to include green vegetables, curd, pulses in your diet. Legumes and salad should also be taken regularly.

2.    H2O- Drink lots of water daily. Make a habit to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Also, carry a water bottle wherever you go. This will help you drink more water whenever your body needs it. Water is the main component of our body. Blood itself is 92% water. Water carries the microbes and toxins out of our body. So drink lots of water.

3.    Cleanse thoroughly- Cleanse your skin regularly. Wash your face with a proper cleanser at regular intervals. Try to use an SLS free or paraben free face wash. Such products are best for all types of skin.

4.    Rest- Take proper rest to give your face the glow and shine which will definitely bring lots of appreciation to you. The relaxed body and mind give you shiny and clear face without any extra effort. Just 8 hours of sleep and you are ready to impress people with your clear and beautiful face.


1.    Don’t touch the face- Do not touch your face again and again. The dirt and bacteria on the hands can make your face dirty and lead to pimple breakouts. Also, do not squeeze a pimple as it would worsen the problem. The redness and swelling around a pimple increase with squeezing. So try not to flicker with your face.

2.    Don’t be a sugar freak- Hormonal imbalances can cause sugar cravings. But sugar can make your pimple trouble worse. So stay away from sugary food and drinks. Try to have juices and fruits instead of biscuits and aerated drinks. Just desire a clear face and it will help you become an anti-sugar person and will help you stay away from sugar.

3.    Don’t Use cheap products- Cheap products don’t really have any big issues; it is just that these products might contain chemical substances that can cause pimples. So try not to use cheap products. Instead, go for herbal and paraben free products. If you will not clog your pores with cheap makeup and let it breathe, you will never experience pimple problem.

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