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Goodness of chocolate

Goodness of chocolate

Posted in: Face & Body Care
March 22nd 2018

Is there anyone who doesn’t like chocolate? Chocolate is the fantasy of everyone from little munchkin to youngsters. We all are the lover of its mouth licking taste.

Do you know that not only eating but applying chocolate can also provide lots of benefits to skin? Flavanol present in dark chocolate provide skin protection from UV damage, fight free radicals, increase blood flow not only this, it also helps in reducing wrinkles.

Chocolate is made up of cocoa beans, the dried and fermented seeds of the cocoa tree, a small 4-8 m tall evergreen tree native to the deep, tropical region of the Americas.

There are three varieties of cacao beans used in chocolate are trinitsario, cariolla and forestern.

Here we discuss few of the Benefits of chocolate on body and soul

Skin: It has antioxidants that improve blood flow, promote a healthy glow, fight wrinkles and protect From UV damage.

Body: It’s been shown to decrease inflammation. Also, research indicates that people who have a little bit every day have lower BMIs than those who don’t.

Mind: it helps in reducing stress hormones and boosts the release of dopamine.

Heart: chocolate decreases the chance of blood clot that could lead to heart attack or stroke.

In cosmetic industry, chocolate has been used widely because of its rich benefits. Let’s talk about some of the Ayurvedic body and skin care products to get beautiful skin. In market lots of products available with Cocoa Butter and cocoa powder.

Scrub: makes the skin shiny, removes dead cells and, nourishes and improves skin complexion.

Oil: restore as well as improves texture and elasticity.

Lip cream: cream with cocoa butter protects and softens lips. Deeply moisturizes the lips. Perfect for regular use.

Massage gel: It hydrates and accelerates production of new cells. Gives vitality and freshness.

Body butter: It softens and nourishes skin. Massage with right strokes and pressure.

Face pack: maintains moisture. Good for normal to dry skin provide cooling and soothing effect to the skin.

Eating chocolate also helps in

Reduces cholesterol
Protect skin from sun damage
Improves cognitive function
May prevent diabetes
Good for the brain
Restore flexibility to arteries
Chocolate makes you feel better

Always remember to eat well in reasonable amount makes you feel better emotionally as well as physically.
Eat healthy! Live Healthy!

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