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Navel or Belly Button – Store House Of Magic And Beauty

Navel or Belly Button – Store House Of Magic And Beauty

Posted in: Face & Body Care
March 19th 2018

You will be surprise to know that Navel is the store house of Beauty. Yes, my dear friends, that’s true. You just need to follow simple remedies at your ease and you are done to get beautiful and glowing skin. We all know that navel is the small knotty depression on the stomach area. Girls generally decorate it with artificial ornaments and by piercing. But don’t you think it should be beautiful from within so that your skin becomes beautiful from in and out.

All you need to do is apply few drops of these oils on belly button and see the magic. Now, the question arises that how can simply be applying few natural essential oils on navel can give you flawless, soft supple and beautiful skin. Yes, that’s true as your navel is directly connected to your face. Applying certain natural ingredients on navel can help you to cure many face problems. It not only improves your facial skin but also solves many digestive issues, as it has no side effects.

Here I am discussing few of the oils and their benefits.

Neem oil- Apply 2 drops of neem oil on the belly button helps to clear pimples and acne. It is a medicinal oil that repairs your damaged skin. Its germ fighting properties make it the most effective remedy. Other benefits involved are -

Remove dark and white spots
Clear and fair skin
Even skin tone

Almond oil- To bring natural glow on face, apply 2 drops of little warm almond oil on belly button. It works amazing on face and Body. It has other benefits as well –

Soft and supple skin
Heal cracked and dry skin
Remove wrinkles
Reduce dark circles

Lemon oil- lemon is a great source of vitamin-c that applying it on belly button at night can reduce the dark and white patches and pigmentation. Other benefits are

Rejuvenates skin
Fade pimples spot
Clear and beautiful skin

Butter- Butter is the natural moisturizer and helps in giving smooth and brighter skin. It is the oldest trick used to remove dryness from body and face. Apply 2 drops of butter or ghee on the belly button to get soft skin. Prefer cow butter for many benefits, some other benefits are-

Heal cracked lips and face dryness
Remove dark spots
Fade wrinkles and lines
Brighten skin tone

Other than oil you can try these ingredients on your belly button and enjoy amazing benefits.

Brandy- Keep brandy dipped cotton ball on belly button to get rid of the menstrual pain.

Honey – placing a drop of honey on navel can treat many skin problems like deep sleep, cure cracked lips, cure pimples fast and treat skin dryness.

Rose water- daily application of rose water on belly button can enhance your skin tone and make it more beautiful. It also regenerates skin cells and remove fine lines and wrinkles.

Follow these simple steps and enjoy the beauty of life. And always try to use ayurvedic beauty products. Take care!

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