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Make Your Skin Healthy With Neem & Tulsi Facial Kit

Make Your Skin Healthy With Neem & Tulsi Facial Kit

Posted in: Face & Body Care
February 7th 2018

The benefits of neem & Tulsi, as individual herbs, are great in number. These two herbs are of great use and find a special place in Ayurveda. As per Ayurveda, Neem is a single remedy for many skin & body issues. Its botanical name is AzadirachtaIndica. From eyes to feet, this herb is used for the treatment of all the parts of human body.

Quite same is the case with Tulsi. It is also a natural herb that has great importance in Ayurveda. It also has agreat holy value attached to it. The botanical name of Tulsi is Ocimumtenuiflorum.

These two herbs are the most widely used herbs in natural beauty products, medicines, skin ointments, shampoos, natural oils, syrups and dental products. This is because of the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties of these herbs.

Such great qualities are inhibited in neem & tulsi facial kit from the store of Inveda. The benefits that this facial kit provides are special & long lasting. Find more about it here-

1. Clean & clear skin- Skin needs to be deep cleansed every now & then. This is done easily with the help of the best skin care products. Neem & facial kit is one such product. Use it once a week for better & clear skin.

2. No spots- Dark spots and acne scars are ugly to see. These spots take away the charisma from the face. Thus, it is important to deal with these spots. With the use of this facial kit, skin becomes clear and the scars get faded away slowly & steadily.Tulsi extracts works on the blemishes & neem takes care of bacterial infections.

3. Enhances complexion- When the skin becomes clean and clear, the complexion is also affected. Regular use of this facial kitenhance the skin complexion and bring a glow to the skin.

4. Reduces acne & pimples-Neem & Tulsi works amazingly well on acne & pimples. When asked for natural solutions, people are provided with neem or tulsi. As discussed earlier, these herbs are anti-inflammatory in nature & also have ananti-bacterial effect on the skin. So the use of this facial kit reduces the antibacterial effect and prevents acne & pimples on the skin. The pimples with redness get a healing effect with this facial.

5. Clears Blackheads- Blackheads are created when pores are clogged with dirt & impurities. The clogged pores keep on sticking dirt & impurities to them due to the secretion of skin oils. Thus, lending a black & filthy look to the pores. Neem & Tulsi facial kit is the best facial kits for clearing off blackheads. A simple application of this kit makes the skin pores clean and clears off the blackheads.

After taking good care of all the faults of the skin, this facial kit makes it completely healthy. Use it more frequently for the much desired beautiful skin. Take Care!

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