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5 herbs used in the best skin care products

5 herbs used in the best skin care products

Posted in: Face & Body Care
January 15th 2018

Natural products are quite popular these days. The long-lasting benefits of these products make them loved by people. Herbs used in these products can be held responsible for the benefits provided by them. Ayurveda has also considered the use of such herbs for the treatment of many skin & body issues.

These herbs are powerhouses of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and are great healers of skin.

Few herbs that are widely used for these purposes are given as follows-

1. Magnolia- This plant belongs to a flowering plant species called Magnoliaceae. The extracts from this flower are used in natural face creams and moisturisers as these are rich in antioxidants. It is also useful in countering many allergic skin conditions.

2. Blackcurrant- This is one important ingredient in many cosmetics and beauty products. It has various benefits for the skin due to the rich content of vitamin c and protein. It manages collagen content in the skin and keeps up the vitalizing skin.
3. Sesame oil- Sesame oil is derived from sesame seeds. It is widely used in body massages and skin treatments. Vitamin K, A & E are the main nutrients present in sesame oil. It is used in many ayurvedic skin care products and provides relief from signs of ageing. The skin protecting benefits make it a natural sunscreen.

4. Gotukola-Gotukola is a flowering plant from Apiaceae plant family. This herb grows in damp and swampy areas. Due to its healing power, it is used in several healing creams and anti-ageing creams. It is also good for providing elasticity to the skin and maintaining collagen in the skin.

5. Patchouli- Patchouli belongs to the plant species from Pogostemon genus. It is a herb that finds a place in many natural skin care products, perfumes and medicines. This plant needs hot weather for its growth. The leaves of this plant are also used for preparing herbal teas. An essential oil derived from the distillation of this plant is also popularly used for the benefit of thehuman body.

These herbs are used widely but are not known by the common people. Reading the names of ingredients mentioned on the labels of products can increase awareness about the herbs that are provided by Mother Nature. Use the cosmetics and products with the extracts of these herbs and notice avisible change in the quality of the skin. Keep smiling Keep Glowing!

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