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Posted in: Face & Body Care
January 12th 2018

Ayurvedais the ancient system of medicine which has specified basil as one of the most important herbs in the medicinal category. Basil is a herb that has been used for ages in India & other parts of Asia. The herb is super-enriched with medicinal qualities & belongs to the mint family. The Indian name for basil is Tulsi& it has great worshipping value attached to it as per Hinduism.

This holy plant has lot many uses for the human body. It finds a place in the composition of natural skin care products, medicines, herbal teas, and skin ointments, syrups for enhancing beauty, soaps and juices.

Let us know some important benefits of tulsi or basil-

1. Cures throat infections- Throat infections result in problems like soreness & itchy feeling. Drinking and gargling boiled water with tulsi leaves can give you relief in such conditions. It is not a long procedure and can be done easily at home. You can do it both in the morning & evening.

2. Stress buster herb- Stress eats up our body on the inside. With the constant stress prevailing in the body, it becomes quite obvious that diseases get attracted to the body. These diseases make easy & healthy survival, very difficult. In such cases, it becomes essential to cure the root cause of these problems i.e. stress. Basil is a perfect way of handling stress disorders in the body due to its natural power and zero side effect quality. Drink basil tea or take in basil powder on a regular basis to control cortisol, the stress hormone.

3. Dental treatment- Bad breath and sore gums define correctly the poor oral health. Plants with menthol in them are used tomaintain the health & hygiene inside the mouth. One such plant is Basil plant. It belongs to the mint family & thus has certain qualities which are similar to menthol. It works really well on the bacteria contributing to oral issues.

4. Acne treatment-Tulsi has always been popular for curing acne on oily skin. This is the reason for being used in several natural face packs, facial kits and face cleansers. It has amazing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the redness & swelling of the skin surrounding acne. One special quality of detoxifying the skin makes it one of the best natural herbs for skin.

Other benefits of tulsi include improving complexion, relief from skin infections and adding radiance to the skin.

5. Encounters signs of ageing- Signs of ageing are the common problems of people these days. Everyone wants to see soft, supple, wrinkle-free skin at varying age. Tulsi is a storehouse of anti-oxidants and thus makes the skin refreshingly youthful. All you need to do is take good care of your skin and use natural beauty products with tulsi in their formulation. Some of the best beauty products are the ones that include tulsi extracts in them. Use them for long- lasting skin health.

The list of benefits doesn’t end here. Some of the rarely known health benefits of tulsi are given here-

i. Tulsi has the power to boost immunity.
ii. It can help with digestive issues like stomach pain & constipation.
iii. It also helps in managing body weight.
iv. Tulsi prevents hair fall & reduces dandruff.

This wonderful plant is worshipped in India due to mythological beliefs but the qualities it possesses can get more people to worship it. What a great herb it is! It is truly the magic of nature to take care of human being!

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