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5 foods that can fight signs of ageing

5 foods that can fight signs of ageing

Posted in: Face & Body Care
January 9th 2018

Growing age does bring wisdom and experience but that’s not all we want. We surely want a stronger body, healthier looking skin along with wisdom & experience. The signs of ageing begin soon after we leave thethirties. Most unpleasant ones are wrinkles on the skin, shrinking skin, and blemishes on the face, weak joints, weak digestive system and white hair.

One can try the best skin care products along with medications, ointments and ayurvedic products. But there are some foods that work the best for the human body. These foods are sometimes called the power foods due to their powerful qualities that help reduce signs of ageing.

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1. Curd- Curd is one of the best sources of protein. It is highly delicious and can be consumed in many ways. Curd is enriched with vitamins, calcium and phosphorus. It is good for the bones and digestive system. It is also one food that has a great impact on our skin.

2. Garlic- Garlic is an age-old food. It has been used in the dishes for several years because of its flavour and the health benefits that it provides. It is also believed that regular consumption of garlic can fight diseases like cancer. This food with pungent smell is great for curing thebacterial and fungal infection. With the growing age, thebody tends to lose its immunity. Garlic helps the body in such conditions to boost immunity.

3. Honey- Honey is a very popular humectant. It is used in various natural beauty products like natural face packs, face cleansers, etc. The rich content of calcium, vitamin, niacin and thiamine, when taken regularly, can fight skin issues, anxiety and memory issues. It is also advised to take it with warm water to burn calories effectively.

4. Kiwi- Kiwi is a tasty and beneficial fruit. This fruit is packed with vitamins and thus shows wonderful effects on the health of the person. It also works really well in making the skin firm and reducing the signs of ageing on the skin. One kiwi a day can improve the human health largely.

5. Green Tea- Green tea is aherbal product. It has great powers of antioxidants in it. From relieving toxins from the body to improving the metabolism of the body, it has the power to do everything. It is recommended to have two cups of green tea for a healthy body.

It is always smart to adopt a natural way for the body. Nature knows the best how to take care of the human system. Choose products that contain fewer chemicals and more herbs. Eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Never give up on exercise. Take good rest and protect yourself from pollution. Follow these tips and you can lead a healthy life with fewer signs of ageing! Keep Glowing keep smiling!

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