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  • Uses And Benefits Of Argan Oil And Dragon Fruit

    Uses And Benefits Of Argan Oil And Dragon Fruit


    Argan oil and Dragon fruit is the wonderful combination that can bless you with a soft and natural glow. Since ages, this combination has been used for anti-aging and whitening of the skin. This can be used by the people of all skin type. This is really helpful. Natural beauty products companies use this combination in many products, especially in facial kits. So, today we will discuss some of the ways in which you can use Argan oil and dragon oil fruit.

  • Benefits Of Papaya For Skin

    Benefits Of Papaya For Skin


    Papaya, also known as Papita in India has tremendous health benefits. Its cleansing property helps to get rid of dirt and clogged pores. This delicious, mouth-watering fruit is also known as “the fruit of the angels”. Fruit pulp, as well as the seeds of papaya, have many benefits on skin and hair. This tasty fruit is loaded with many vitamins and antioxidants as well as magnesium, carotene, fiber, protein, niacin, potassium and an enzyme papain. Because of its many benefits, its enzymes are...

  • Benefits Of Eating Raw Vegetables

    Benefits Of Eating Raw Vegetables


    Your skin is mainly determined by genetics but the nutrients and vitamins from your diet also affect your skin. Your daily intake of balanced diet gives you supple and fresh skin and also reduces signs of aging. Therefore, it is suggested to eat 2 to 4 cups of vegetable foods each day. Here is the list of some of the foods when eaten raw.

  • Top Dry Hair Treatments

    Top Dry Hair Treatments


    Whether you have, long, short, straight or curly hair, having lustrous and smooth hair is dream of every woman. Spending too much on expensive shampoos and hair creams is not the solution. Girls, you need to put hard for getting desired results. Try some natural remedies to get shiny and lustrous hair and flaunt your strands like never before. Raid your kitchen for some natural hair care ingredients. It is not only convenient but cost effective too. Following are the hair care remedies for...

  • Top Skincare Tips For Sensitive Skin

    Top Skincare Tips For Sensitive Skin


    There are many who need to put extra effort to maintain the clear and glowing skin. They are the people with sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can be the reason of allergy due to dust particles, chemical ingredients, and environmental conditions. Sensitive skin has the disadvantage in which unpleasant ingredients enter into the skin more easily and your skin’s natural moisture get away faster. The best part is you can treat this complicated skin without any strain. Check out some of the best...

  • Tips For Skin Care In The Summer

    Tips For Skin Care In The Summer


    Get ready to show more skin as the scorching summer is coming. It is that time of the year when the list of your favorites changes. You like to drink chilled water. Nimbu-soda available almost on every street.

  • How To Treat Back Acne

    How To Treat Back Acne


    Acne is the most troublesome problem these days for everyone. It can appear on any part of the body like face, shoulder, back, chest, arms, underarms, and even stomach because of the oil-secreting glands, bacteria and dead skin coagulation there. It is a big fight for all of us. Here we discuss back acne only. Your back is exactly like your face which secretes sebum. sebum along with bacteria and dirt build up in the hair follicles and clog them. These clogged follicles break down and form an...

  • Face Masks For Skin Lightening !

    Face Masks For Skin Lightening !


    Clean and clear skin is liked by all. Fairer complexion is almost obsession in every woman these days. You try many skin whitening creams available in the store. Mostly creams are made up of chemicals which can harm your skin in the long run. It is not necessary that all skin whitening creams work on the skin with no side effects, some may work well, some may not. Therefore, why not to go for home remedies for skin whitening or else use skin whitening cream made up of natural ingredients....

  • Ways To Get Rid Of Facial Hair

    Ways To Get Rid Of Facial Hair


    All women have hair on their face and all over the body but they are too fine to visible as they are thin and light in colour. In some cases, if it grows thick and dark it can cause the problem to her looks. Everyone likes clean face and body. Hormonal imbalance can be reason behind facial hair growth. Let’s discuss some of the causes of excess facial hair growth. All women produce some amount of male hormones (androgen and testosterone), but higher production can cause a problem to your...

  • How To Take Care Of Your Fingernails ?

    How To Take Care Of Your Fingernails ?


    Fingernails are the one-part body which should be taken care time to time. Some Girls spend more time to take care of nails. Beautiful nails add more charm to the beauty. Well grown fingernails are liked by many people and many like well-trimmed nails as the benefits are many. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of short nails.

  • Time To Reduce Dark Circles Under Eyes

    Time To Reduce Dark Circles Under Eyes


    There are many reasons behind dark circles under eyes to appear. Stress, hereditary factor, disturbed lifestyle, lack of sleep, pollution, allergies, improper diet, excessive smoking and drinking, hormonal imbalances, and many more. The Dark circle not only make the overall appearance dull but it also can lead serious health hazards, if not treated on time. In the market, lots of cosmetic products are available to treat this problem but I suggest you try natural beauty products. As being...

  • 3 Face Masks That Make Skin Pimple Free

    3 Face Masks That Make Skin Pimple Free


    Your best friend is your skin. Your skin is the face value but one day when you see that a pimple rears its ugly head degrading the beauty and you suddenly feel bad and demotivated. You try lots of acne treatments to get rid of the ugly face of acne. But your kitchen is all the place. Also you can use ayurvedic face packs with natural ingredients. We shall discuss today some face masks or face packs that are highly beneficial for reducing acne and scars. Friends these face packs also not...

  • Face Wash Is The First Step Of Cleansing

    Face Wash Is The First Step Of Cleansing


    Your clean skin is much more important than anything. The foremost step is the cleansing your face with the right face wash. Everyone has a different type of skin tone. So, ways to maintain your skin’s hygiene is also different. One should always choose right face wash by keeping in mind the texture of one’s skin. Washing your face is very much essential to remove excess oil, dirt and unwanted debris. Regular washing also boosts hydration and helps manage PH levels of the skin. If the skin is...

  • Get Beautiful Skin With These Fruits

    Get Beautiful Skin With These Fruits


    It is very important to keep your face clean whether you have acne or not. Wash your face twice in a day with good ayurvedic face wash to remove impurities and extra oil from the skin’s surface. This simple method not only helps you to stay away from acne problems but also enhances your natural beauty. Try these easily available fruits to get simply beautiful and glowing skin which enhances your beauty from outside and within.

  • Tips To Deal With Belly Fat

    Tips To Deal With Belly Fat


    One cannot ignore the fact that happy belly means happy you. Everyone wants flat and toned Belly so that they can look smart, not only this, it is also necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. The Little amount of belly fat is normal as it provides protection and cushion the bones. Well, excess fat is the point of concern. So, there are many simple ways to get beautiful belly but before that, we just try to understand the reasons behind the belly fat or any stubborn fat.

  • Goodness of chocolate

    Goodness of chocolate


    Is there anyone who doesn’t like chocolate? Chocolate is the fantasy of everyone from little munchkin to youngsters. We all are the lover of its mouth licking taste. Do you know that not only eating but applying chocolate can also provide lots of benefits to skin? Flavanol present in dark chocolate provide skin protection from UV damage, fight free radicals, increase blood flow not only this, it also helps in reducing wrinkles.

  • Health and Beauty Benefits Of Potato

    Health and Beauty Benefits Of Potato


    Who is there who doesn’t like a potato? Potatoes are an integral part of food in each and every home. It is easily available and found in every kitchen. It is the world’s largest food crop. This vegetable-filled with nutrients is easily available in every kitchen. Potato is a very good source of-

  • Navel or Belly Button – Store House Of Magic And Beauty

    Navel or Belly Button – Store House Of Magic And Beauty


    You will be surprise to know that Navel is the store house of Beauty. Yes, my dear friends, that’s true. You just need to follow simple remedies at your ease and you are done to get beautiful and glowing skin. We all know that navel is the small knotty depression on the stomach area. Girls generally decorate it with artificial ornaments and by piercing. But don’t you think it should be beautiful from within so that your skin becomes beautiful from in and out.

  • Say, Bye – Bye to premature graying of hair

    Say, Bye – Bye to premature graying of hair


    There was a time when we see only older people with gray hair. But in the present time, we see this even among girls as young as 16. Therefore, it has become an important concern for all of us and we are always in search of right medication without side effects.

  • Secrets Of Ayurveda For Pimple Trouble

    Secrets Of Ayurveda For Pimple Trouble


    Ayurveda is the ancient science of medicines. The benefits derived from the secrets of Ayurveda are outstanding. One such benefit is aneffective treatment of pimples on our skin. Pimples are very common,especially among the teenagers. Sometimes, this problem continues until the age of thirty. This skin condition involves a lot of embarrassment and thus, needs good treatment.

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