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    Whitening and Brightening cryo mask is enriched with seaweed, cucumber, and chamomile which whitens and brightens the skin, also calms and relaxes the skin. This pack is suitable for all type of skin. You can use this pack to cleanse face and neck area. you need to empty 20 gms of cryo mask in a 200 ml bowl. Add approx 200 ml of water at 20 degree cent....

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    Papaya and Cucumber facial kit is the best for D-tan and whitening. This kit is designed with naturally derived scientific Beta-Arbutin and other actives to complete the facial in a short time with visible results. It effectively removes sun tan, diminishes the minor blemishes, and whitens the skin with natural glow. This kit is designed for all type of...

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    Argn Oil and Dragon Fruit Facial Kit designed with naturally derived scientific Bio sodium hyaluronate and other actives to complete the facial in a short time with visible. Argon oil provides skin with a natural glow and Dragon fruit fights signs of ageing and promotes skin health. This unique combination protects the skin from harmful rays of the sun....

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    ₹ 250.00 ₹ 200.00

    This make up remover cleanses the skin deeply. It is enriched with Green tea and chamomile. It cleanses, removes make up, and impurities in one step. It particularly suits to eye contour. It is filled with soothing and antioxidant properties. It instantly gives you a fresh and radiant complexion. The best part is, it is suitable for all type of skin. You...

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    Passion fruit &Silk protein facial kit is designed with naturally derived scientific silk proteins and other actives to complete the facial in a short time with visible results. This wonderful facial kit effectively reduces dryness and dullness, brightens up the skin naturally. This is the best formula for all type of skin. This is the best formula...

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    ₹ 350.00 ₹ 280.00

    Aloe Vera Body wash enriched with the properties of Aloe Vera and honey and is known for their hydrating and nourishing properties. This Body Wash transforms into a creamy and fondant foam which cleanses the skin effectively without drying. Keeps the skin, soft, moist, moisturized, and scented.This body wash is best suitable for all type of skin. Just...

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    Lavender is probably the most soothing and is very effective in healing cuts, sunburns, and wounds. Its anti-bacterial properties fight against acne and chapped skin. It stimulates and strengthens skin. Calmes nervous system and anxiety. Suits all skin type specially for oily and acne prone skin. It can be used in aroma lamp, bath and potpourri. You need...

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    ₹ 350.00 ₹ 280.00

    The Jasmine body wash transform into a creamy and fondant foam. Its mild cleansing base, enriched with jasmine and gotukola, known for their antioxidant and regenerating properties, hydrating and nourishing properties, gently cleanses skin without drying. It also lightens dark blotches on skin, leaves skin with deliciously scented, soft and moisturized....

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    Almond is very good for overall health. Almond oil is carrier as well as base oil which is rich in Vitamin C and D. Using this oil has many benefits such as moisturizes and cleanses the skin, reduces dark circles and dark spots, clears blemishes, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and also helps in preventing hair loss. Almonds are rich in anti-oxidants...

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    Balancing Day Cream is enriched with Damascena and jasmine extracts which heals and balances the skin naturally. It serves as a balm and tonic for cells. This is the best suited cream for all type of skin ensures soothing effect. This cream improves the skin elasticity and balances the moisture. It contains antiseptic and healing properties, leaves skin...

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    It can be used as a carrier oil as well as base oil, loaded with antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. This essential oil is non-comedogenic and does not clog pores. It slows down the signs of ageing. Jojoba soothes the irritated skin and control acne. It is hypoallergenic. It injects the moisture and improves the texture. The best part of this oil...

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    The essential night cream is enriched with Damascena rose and carrot seed oils maintains youthful appearance of skin by generating new cells. It nourishes, tightens, and rejuvenates skin. By improving skin's texture gives a more youthful look. Gives brightening and whitening glow to the skin. It is used as a night cream. For better results apply it...

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    ₹ 350.00 ₹ 280.00

    Grapeseed oil is packed with linoleic acid which helps to boost the health of skin cells. It contains anti-oxidants and anti- ageing properties. This essential oil helps to get rid off acne, increases the elasticity of skin and speds up the healing process of wounds, cuts, and scars. This is best suited for all skin types and is great body relaxing oil....

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    Avocado oil is the best essential oil packed with lots of regenerative and moisturizing properties. It can be used as carrier oil as well as base oil. It is loaded with Vitamin E and other monosaturated fats. It deeply moisturizes the skin and provides hydrated younger looking skin. It is also a good source of oleic acid. This essential oil is very good...

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    Penetrates easily, Keeps skin Healthy & Young.

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    With cream base & extracts of Clove, Eucalyptus, whitens & brightens skin. Removes tan.

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    Packed with Extracts of Sea Weed, Turmeric, Liquorice, Soft Poly Beads & D- Panthenol gently removes dead cells & deep rooted dirt, there by leaves skin even toned & fresh

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    ₹ 225.00 ₹ 180.00

    All purpose ready to use Firming Pack, consists of Extracts of Sea Weed, Turmeric & Liquorice along with Kojic Acid Di Palmitate & Niacinamide.

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    ₹ 250.00 ₹ 200.00

    Packed with Shea Butter & Olive Oil, Sodium PCA (Natural Moisturizing Factor), Extracts of Sea Weed, Turmeric & Liquorice, gets easily absorbed, Stimulates skin & Liquorice, gets easily absorbed, Stimulates skin & improves complexion

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    ₹ 695.00 ₹ 486.50

    This sugar scrub is infused with sugar, sunflower oil, olive oil, and avocado oil to make skin soft and clean. It smoothes flaky skin and locks skin's moisture. It helps in get rid of dead skin cells. It smells lovely and spreads easily on moist skin. It does not dry out the skin. This scrub can be used by all type of skin tone and texture. Massage gently...

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    ₹ 175.00 ₹ 157.50

    It is enriched with the properties of lemon and grapefruit removes deep-seated impurities. It keeps the skin moisturized and firm. It also works gently on dry and ageing skin. It rejuvenate the skin and leaves the younger looking fresh skin. The perfect combination in this face wash is suitable for all type of skin. For better results you need to give...

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    ₹ 350.00 ₹ 175.00

    The Black currant body wash transforms into a creamy and fondant foam. Its mild cleansing base, enriched with chamomile, green tea, and black currant, known for their soothing, antioxidant and softening properties, leaves skin soft and clean. This is best suited for all type of skin. For better results massage gently on moist skin without drying and then...

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    Enriched with the properties of purifying neem and gotukola, this gentle face wash removes all deep seated impurities from the skin and also leaves skin fresh and rejuvenated. It reduces irritation and sweat. Keeps skin cool and refreshed. This face wash is apt for normal to dry skin.

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    ₹ 195.00 ₹ 175.50

    Moisturizer is must to have in your essential kit to lock natural moisture of the skin. This moisturizer is enriched with Hibiscus and Papaya extracts. This is very effective in keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized, and also releases delightful aroma. Being suited for all type of skin makes it more perfect. You need to apply lightly on the moist skin...

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